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Excel - ADVANCED Tutorial

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This Advanced Microsoft Excel training tutorial will demonstrate the more powerful and professional applications of the EXCEL in order to develop the experience of Microsoft Excel learners even further. The course discusses formulas, functions, LOOKUPS, database calculations, MACRO, and integrating the calendar to create EXCEL spreadsheets that are both professional and highly functional. 

Excel - ADVANCED Tutorial

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Regular Price: $30.00

Special Price: $20.00


EXCEL Advanced - This course discusses formulas, functions, LOOKUPS, database calculations, MACRO, and integrating the calendar to create EXCEL spreadsheets that are both professional and highly functional.

In the EXCEL Advanced course, you will learn the skills and concepts that are necessary to work with the advanced tools and features of Microsoft Excel.

Users will learn how to turn everyday examples such as store inventories, grades of students or information from a flower shop into spreadsheets that represent and calculate the different relevant calculations based on the provided data.

With this Advanced Interactive Tutorial Edition you will find out how to set up various calculations as formulas in order to perform different mathematical tasks, and learn to perform different functions using the function wizard that includes hundreds of ready made functions to choose from.

Users will learn some of the different types of IF functions - AND, OR, COUNTIF and SUMIF that perform calculations only for items that stand within pre-defined conditions.

The course will discuss LOOKUP, VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP and demonstrates ways to cross reference data and develop formulas to calculate different aspects of tables or sheets as well as retrieving data that satisfies certain conditions.

The tutorial teaches how to integrate the calendar in different ways into the EXCEL formulas to calculate and compare data from different times and dates.

The Excel Advanced Course discusses Database formulas and goes through different examples for calculating Dcount, Dmax. Dmin, Daverage and Dsum, and continues with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts while giving interactive instruction on how to create them.

Users will learn about the MACRO, an action recorder that lets you record a sequence of actions made inside EXCEL. as well as learning how to create forms and different types of buttons to create professional looking spreadsheets.

Would You Like to Learn How to Use More Advanced EXCEL Tools and functions?

If you are tired of being limited to the basic Excel features, this software training program is especially designed for users to gain experience and expertise as they progressively develop their Excel skills. This Advanced Excel Course Tutorial is perfect for those Excel users who want to add more information to their database and get more calculating power out of their spreadsheets than they have in the past. 

Learn how developing a professional Excel spreadsheet can help you learn new facts and figures about different aspects of your own business than you ever imagined!

Explore the different types of typical Excel applications that you will be finally be able to integrate into your own spreadsheets as soon as you finish this easy to follow course for EXCEL Advanced.

Browse through the topics and projects below that are covered in the Excel Advanced interactive course tutorial.

EXCEL Advanced Course

The following chapter covers the basic formulas and functions.

1.   What is a formula?
2.   Recognizing a formula in a cell
3.   Entering a formula
4.   Relative address
5.   Copy formula to cell region
6.   Fix address
7.   What is a function?
8.   SUM function
9.   Useful functions
10. Fynction Wizard

This chapter will discuss IF and LOOKUP groups

1.  IF functions
2.  AND
3.  OR

This chapter will discuss date and time groups

1.   Days360
2.   Now
3.   Date value and Format cell
4.   WorkDay
5.   Networkdays
6.   Today
7.   WeekDay
8.   Day
9.   Month
10. Year

This chapter will discuss Database formulas and the Pivot table

1.  Introduction
2.  Dcount
3.  Dmax
4.  Dmin
5.  Daverage
6.  Dsum
7.  Pivot Table - Introduction
8.  Pivot Table
9.  Pivot Chart

This chapter will discuss MACRO and forms
1.   Introduction - Macro
2.   Recording a Macro
3.   Running a Macro
4.   Introduction - Forms
5.   Creating Forms
6.   Radio Buttons
7.   Button
8.   Combo Box
9.   List Box
10. Check Box


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